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Monday, December 1, 2008

She is lying there lifeless. People passing her are looking at her . She could see the surprise in their eyes. But that doesn't make any sense to her anymore. She is so disconnected to the nonsensical world around. All she could remember was that it was december. A month which defined the quality of life since five years. It is december again. But she doesn't hold any hope in her eyes. Her world had crumbled before her. Fate had played a cruel joke with her. It stabbed her to death yet again, and this time its so that she could never recover, never ever. Her mobile which once was busy with heavytrafficing of sms and calls, is lifeless too and lay there besides her. She is so numb. sometimes she becomes hysteric and stares at her mobile like mad. she gets up , thinking that she is in some delirium or some wild dream and that she has to get up. She washes her face and yet she doesn't feel awake..She forgot whether she was living a dream like reality or a real like dream..She has lost all the senses to identify that thin line which now has faded forever. She can hear people talking about what happened to her..She doesn't know.She doesn't remember anything. She has lost the connection between past, present and the future. She is just lying there staring into her unbelievable past, puzzled present and unsure future. Days and nights have ceased to be different. Sleep has become an alien entity..She has lost the sense of purpose. she is just lying there. she is ....The mirror is broken. you say that the cracks can be repaired with time. But the image will never be the same, Its distorted forever...