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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Day

I dont know how this happens to me everytime.every day should start with a new hope,but my day starts with a fear.A fear about problems that spring up anew and afresh.My bad luck is so strong that if something bad doesnt happen a day,then its supposed to be a lucky day.

So started today too.Everything was normal till afternoon,except some haughty conversations,and patch ups.then from nowhere came the owner of this place asking me to vacate in a couple of months.He needs this place to start a new business.now how can i explain this .Till yesterday i thought some luck is swaying near by.but those hopes evoparated .Even those people whom i am expecting to take this,said that they are not interested.Another normal day passed with its package ofbadluck.

hope atleast tomorrow ia a LUCKY DAY.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yet Again...


After such an emotional outburst,a violent tirade of accusations,lacerating words vehemently spitted,he still lay there smiling sweet,brushing off everything,garbed inhis usual candescence.nothing can affect he ,who is armoured in composure.

He has proved it yet again.Its his victory yet again over her tyranny and her defeat over his tranquility..not that she doesnt know what is to come.neither is it her innocence that has lead her,but her stubborness to defeat him,though deep down she had a wish that win should he.After all who is it that she is deceiving.Its her in the end.she is a slave to her heart playing mind games.May be its for the momentary pleasure that comes through, when her deepest desires were proved right.But is it really worthwhile?..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In Memory...

I have never met him ,
neither did he...

we can never ever meet...
theres not a chance .

But I know him..
much more than the people i meet daily,

I think of him more often,
More often than anyone could think of him.

He,now ,is a figment of my imagination,
who once was alive in flesh.

I was late as usual .
Missed him by years.

But the day i met him ,
he took a permanent place in my thoughts.

I dont know,whether he would have liked me,had we met,
but he will always remain as the most sweetest and lovable person i have ever known.

wherever he is,
i just want to say ,"I miss you ..".

How Far Can We Get

Yesterday's night,i watched the finals of a reality dance show.I was following this since the beginning.It is a sequel. A celebrity dance show,the celebrities selected from different fraternities in telivision.It was awesome.It started of very small.But the tremendous improvement they showed with every episode is unbelievable.I couldnt believe their performance in the finals.it was almost perfect.

They danced blindfolded and in pairs.they sure must have put hell a lot of hard work in there.What attracted me the most was their creativity in presentation.they were ordinary people when they started ,but with every episode expanded their horizons ,and their creativity knew no bounds.They came out as extraordinary.watching people attain perfection is surely an inspiring and a happy sight.

About creativity,I always wondered about its boundaries.I always thought that anything will necessarily have some limits.music,dance,art...But,history proves it to be wrong.World is evolving progressively and is evolving really fast.Had there been any limits,it wouldnt have been possible.I heard someone say somewhere that the musical notes of indian music are just seven(limited),but ,just, how an innumerable and infinite number of combinations can be composed out of it,so is every thing in life.nothing has boundaries,the only thing is that ,we can perceive as long as our 'vision' permits us. so its about how far and how broad can we get. Now ,am in AP.If i think just that, am confined.but if i think a little differently,then i can say am in India. am in Asia,then am on this earth,on this planet,then in the solar system,then in the milky way,in the galaxy,in the vast space.....how far can we get?"IN THE SPACE BETWEEN THE SPACES" may be we can get much far ...

Friday, June 13, 2008


HEYY!! Am so happy today.Still wondering whats making me so happy! Theres nothing special about today,except that i watched shaan on tv.he is a great singer.apart from that he seems to be a good human being.i dont know why i hav ,such an impression on him.he is always sweet and smiling .not only him,some people like shahid kapoor,vivek oberoi...are categerised under good beings in my dictionary.somewhere deep down they have a tenderness that shows on their face.when they smile ,they smile heartfully.i can see their smile in their eyes.there is some sort of sensitivity about them.but people say that looks can deceive.and that we cant judge people by their looks.true may be,but theres no loss in judging something as good. after all goodness spreads happiness around.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Have u ever felt an emptiness gripping you,though u seem to posess everything you wished for?I feel it more often.may be am very greedy.but its said na,"what we want we never get,what we get never satisfies us,and that which satisfies us,is never permanent."huh...true isnt it? we always long for things that attracts us,we strive to get them,but in the end when we get them are we really happy?I dont know about others,but I never am.something else lures me.if not ,then there wil be a fear ,a fear of losing what i got.In that fear i cling to it so hard that i forget to enjoy it.and i wil be left with restlessness.its strange to know that i cant b happy when i really hav that which i longed for.Its a pity.this happens coz i want to posess .u may tell me that, when i have it, then its my posession.but my mind doesnt agree with it,even when my heart says so. it cant trust the present and is afraid of the future.its afraid that it may lose ,or someoneelse may grab that ,or that it may change.now who can change the law of life,that nothings constant,but change.so friends,gyaan here is,v(I) should try to live in the present.only then can we(I) be happy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Beginning

Finally am here.a place where i wanted to be ,the first time i heard of.but ,then,computers were a farther boundary to reach.I neither had the access nor the required knowledge.Again ,its said that ,where there is a will there is a way.but may be the will was a little weak.then when i got a computer,it was typing.even now am not good at it,but an urge inside made me be here.am here ,coz i want to be happy.someone told me yesterday that an idle mind is a devil's workshop.I had been more idle of late that even the devil's getting bored.so here i am ,to see if this can prove to be a vent .