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Thursday, September 25, 2008

It is dark, it is thick,
thick and weaved after the day,
the day that can't get away,
Get away,no theres got to be no way.
Way ,for some may be sweet,
sweet it was for me too,but became a mare it is.
It is in those dark lanes I lay still.
Still I lay,hiding my pain,
Pain to give comes all those ..
Those..why do they come into my lane?
My lane,its my kingdom and my home...
my home,hah..used to be so once upon a time,
Time now is invaded and..
and they won't let me be,be.
Be what I was..
Was I left a broken piece
A piece...when will it rest in peace...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Movie...

Watched a movie today,with my sis,after a long time..was waiting for this since long.It is మల్లెపువ్వు ,starring Bhumika and a new hero. Somehow, I like Bhumika,a lot. Never used to like her before, but developed a liking towards her after "Anasuya". May be even before that. I like her not only coz of her onscreen chemistry, but also coz of the offscreen persona that she is. There are no contraversies about her and she always carries that sweet smile around. There is some aura of pleasantness about her.

And about the movie..I can't say that its a great movie, but its a good one. When I heard the name, I first thought of it as a romantic movie.But the trailors made me think otherwise.It indeed is not a romantic movie in its truest sense ,but I can say ,its a realistic movie, except for the climax. Its about the story of a happy girl ,who suddenly finds herself in the most unacceptable, unimaginable and unwished for circumstances and has to disguise herself as a boy, and starts working as a daily labour in a construction .The hero is a co-labour there , and somehow comes to know that he(She) is a girl, falls in love instantly (which I found a little unrealistic,though) and the rest of the story is how he rescues her.

The hero is a debutant and he looks like srikanth (And prabhas combo??). Thoda kachha in acting skills, which is acceptable coz he was working with some senior actors there.Tried to imitate prabhas in dialogue delivery.All the songs in the movie are dream sequences of the hero scattered here and there, coz our heroine is in trouble and in no mood for a duet. Hahaah...But one good thing about the songs is, atleast the hero didn't dream of himself in australia or america. All his dream songs were in the same half constructed building. He even dreamt of sofas in brick. :) .The movie is quite slow and half past the interval, its still the flashbak. I was wondering about both the hero and heroine, as she was in great trouble and he had to rescue her and we were running out of time..May be the director realised that he had to rush through the flick and there the story ends so suddenly and peacefully, and I was like ..ahh..so this can happen this way too..hahaaah...Coz at one time I was wondering about the ending, about how he could make it , coz the hero was just a daily labourer..So the movie ends on a happy note, but definitely not like the typical tollywood ones..

Well , I didn't write this to recommend the movie to anyone.Coz many people may not be able to sit through it.And even bhumika didn't have much performance either. Just saw the movie and felt like writing about it.For me , I think I have got my entertainment for what I paid. So, thats it. If anyone wants to watch this, its at their own risk.;)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Long time, since I have been here. Though I want to write a happy post, am afraid I may not. Unfortunately, its always " pain" that brings me here. Am not depressed , but today I can sense some things dying in me.Its no fault of anybody's. Its just that I overdo things. Am late by seven plus one_seven, and may be am overworking myself to show and get all that I missed out and for all those that am going to miss in future. Since three and half years I have been trying to do only one thing in life with unswerving devotion and that too fizzled. No, I didn't get anything wrong. Its just that I never knew how to express and how to handle things. Overdoing anything dilutes the fun. And I got it right.Sad that I had to learn it the harder way, the way I have chosen for myself in everything and anything. Wish that I learn it atleast now.