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Friday, June 21, 2013

A Thousand Splendid Suns

I don't know what captivated me in this book.The narration, the story, the characterization, the impossible possibilities, the ugly truths of life, the unnatural twists that turn the life so naturally, the unacceptable acceptances, the simple complexities, the complex compromises..the list goes on..
It left me with the same feeling as his first novel, "The Kite Runner".
Deeply and immensely touched!!!
He made me walk through the book, their lives.Mariam and laila, the two imposing characters..
As I started reading, their every small detail in life, every emotion, every struggle became mine as much as theirs.Situations and lives which are impossible to even imagine came alive before my eyes. I could see how a happy kids life with rainbows in the eyes, dreams of a colorful future can lay shattered and transform into ugly possibilities. How easily with time, memories and dreams can be betrayed and how easily time can make anything and any level of ugliness a stoic acceptability in life. For sometime it pained me so bad that I just closed my eyes not able to accept what I was reading, half wishing that he should have written that differently, like it was impossible to accept such life and compromise, Was wishing that,may be in the next few pages I will find something pleasant than the harsh truths. But when something is inevitable, it becomes a habit even when imposed! what a harsh truth to know!!! Yes, its not a pleasant read. The book will torment you, torture you and will affect you intensely. I felt a deep seated pain, A repugnant helplessness directed towards life, the laws of nature, the human behavior itself. Life had been this way since its inception. Hardly some of us will get lucky to make it take course as per our whims and fancies.
Its very difficult to put it in words what I felt after reading this book.For some it may sound morose, disagreeable and cantankerous. It is , I agree but its an experience to be transported into a different life and to live it in this life. Those few hours that you read this novel you can experience that.A compelling, captivating narrator as he is, Mr. khaled hosseini, he mesmerizes, enthralls and finally enslaves us to his simplicity of story telling. Its as if he devised a key to our hearts and have a knowledge of whats in there and how to reach out. He found that universal language of expression that can connect anyone, anywhere,anytime , in any country or in any religion.
This book gave me a few of those very rare moments in life where I stood happy, thankful and blessed for what I am and I have got in life and fortunate for what I am not and haven't got exposed to and my heart filled with empathy, compassion and gratitude for life. Am glad I read this..