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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Am still here at mom,s place.There is no acess to net.wanted to write a post to all my well wishers.It feels very strange.I didnt even know about blogs 3 months back,did't even know any of you till last few weeks,but it felt really good when I saw your coments.Thanks a lot all of you..

You are the first one to visit my blog.I don't know how you got here,but am glad you did.So,you will always be special to me.And thanks a lot for your support.Its only through you, that I got to know the rest.You are a nice person to know. :) . And one more thing , you are not obliged to comment on every thing that i write here.;) .I started this as some account of my daily activities. Most of this has some stupid musings of mine over some trivial things.And to put a comment on everything will be difficult for you,and even i don't expect the same.Having said that,I really enjoy your comments and am very happy for all the support you gave me..

I came to your blog coz we had some similiarities.you..madhu and aparna,and me aparna and mitra..got it? You are a sweet heart.nice to know you.. :)

Thanks a lot.That video in your blog came in a news channel here.Will visit your blog once I get to my place.Thanks a lot ,again.:)

Didnt read the next part of your story.Will do once I get back.Thank you so much for your concern.:)

You people surprise me a lot.like you,ayushi..etc.You are so mature and you think much ahead of your age.My mental age stopped somewhere around one quarter of my physical age ,and you people really give me a complex..;) .I really appreciate you for your concern and thanks a lot,dear.:)

hello doc.welcome to my blog.You may not find anything very interesting here,but you are welcome.:)


Anonymous said...

Yup got it:)... ur post reminded me of my own discovery of blogging ....
see u in ur next post....:)

Hemanth Potluri said...

thnks for naming me and and i will be waiting for u to return bac from ur mother's place..always there for u ...


Jessica said...

No problem! :) Take care, and we'll see you soon!