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Friday, July 4, 2008

Last One?

Yesterday i have finished one more full rehabilitation case.This may be my last one provided things go according to my expectations,of which there is only a minute chance..

The case came out well,but then people have some unrealistic concerns .Though they know that any artificial thing can only simulate natural thing,but can never be equal to the former,they tend to expect the same.Its a real tough job to convince people on this front.With '5 complete' and ' 6 almost complete' rehabilitation cases to my credit,and with them doing well functionally and aesthetically,i can still say its not an easy thing.

When i encounter a new case,am still skeptical,coz no two cases are similiar and neither are their attitudes and expectations.But it still is satisfying when you finish it.when they are smiling happily,you feel that its worth the hardwork.

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