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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The pain is sinking in..
slowly but steadily,
With every heart beat ,its pumped into the blood,
travelling through the arteries and veins,
finding ways to deliver itself...
Unable to do so,
going back to the lungs to get filtered,
only to learn that,with every breath and oxygen it takes,
its only concentrating itself...
Purer it becomes.
there's no way out of it.
Its an integral part of life.
No its life itself.
Nothing is left,
no way out..
It has conquered everything.
Its not an abuse.
Its an addiction,the body got used to..
It turned everything poisonous..
Once there resided a different entity,
traces of which dont even exist...
it has taken over everything.
It started of as a small dose,
spreaded all across,adding jealousy,helplesnes and rejection..
swallowed trust,
cyanosed the body,
has left it void of all virtues.


Jessica said...

I like you writing. It helps sometimes to see our thoughts written out.

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

this one is from the heart liked it....srry loved it...


Pinku said...

this pain also prepares us for happiness. It teaches us the value of those who are still around and who care for us. It teaches us to let go. it also teaches us the important thing that its all within us and we and no one else has the power and the strength to overcome it.

Am sure you will find the tunnel illuminated shortly. have hope