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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Today , in the early morning when i got up ,i had an sms in my mobile which read,'Nadal won.'It meant that Federer have lost..I don't remembert my reaction for that,coz i had gone blank for few moments.I am neither happy nor sad.

Needless to say, one of the greatest games ever played at wimbledon,yesterday was a feast to the eyes of so many tennis lovers.Eventhough am not much into sports,tennis ,is one of the sport which is close to my heart.I learnt about the game from my father,and i remember watching matches with him when steffi,sabatini,sanchez,becker,edberg,lendil,sampras,agassi and the likes were playing.with time i became so busy(?!) that i hardly watch any matches.But when i do,i enjoy it thoroughly.

Sampras is my all time favourite and i still remember how sad i was ,when he announced his retirement.I love him for his composure ,both in the match and in the real life .Roger is just like him.And he even reminds me of someone very close to my heart.May be that's the reason why i like him so,despite not watching many of his matches.Even in the midst of nail biting tension in the match,we can see him adjust his locks so cooly.we can find him as fresh and as energetic in the end of the match as he is in the start.There are no ups and downs for this man.Winning and losing doesn't matter much to him.He just plays for the moment.

But nadal was terrific in the match.For his age and experience,the game he showed and the energy he posess is exceptional.Eventhough Federer served so many aces and his service is uncomparable,Nadal too ,is nothing short.Roger had tough time breaking Nadal's service and he could hardly do that.

I didnt watch the first two sets,where nadal was in the lead by 6-4,6-4.I was upset that Federer was giving up so easily...But then ,the match was suspended coz of rain and when it resumed ,Federer was back.The next two sets were breath taking,as both fought furiously and both sets were tie breakers.Adrenaline was rushing all over, towards the end of the fourth set.When Roger made those two sets,though with great difficulty(I cannot stop myself appreciate Nadal for that)....AHH..I was so happy that it didnt end up so easy.

In the next round, it was suspended again due to rain.It was so late in the night and I fell asleep..Only in the morning I got to know that Nadal won his first ,and it was 9-8 in the last set..HUH..............what a game.and it was sooooooooo close.I dont feel sad that roger lost,coz Nadal was truly deserving..But i will truly miss that final moment when he lost..

Whatever it is ,winning or losing,he is, and will , always remain a true performer to me in all his spirit.


Priya Joyce said...

I really felt sad 4 tat I luv federer's game .
never mind there's always a next time.

Anonymous said...


Now I feel sorry that Nadal won and for supporting him when Federer was there all along on the other side of the net. :(
Damn good game, though. I never thought I'd say this but here goes, it's even better than last year's final. The quality of the tennis, I mean... not the identity of the winner... ;)

And, by the way, I'm not so anonymous no matter how hard I pretend, am I?

July 7, 2008 11:29 AM