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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I AM....

A stain I am...
A stain,dark and hard,
a stain that cant be ward,
thick and tangled as life,
a life filled with strife.
But it also showers light
on the beauty of white..
Am apebble...
A pebble that disturbs a spring,
which lies in silence as still,
a pebble thrown with a fling,
up from a mountain hill. It creates a ripple,
unwanted,yet may appeal.
Am a broken string...
A string which could have given a good tune,
had it been placed right.
Now it's only faint and swoon,
cos it was not weaved tight...
it's song now,a cacophony,
yet can make appreciate a symphony.
Am a pomegranate,
A fruit bitter in taste,
but as they say,patience pays...
A fruit though difficult to eat,
the juice can still be sweet.
but it can be a vain,
cos it can also Stain..


Anonymous said...

Wow:) Depression prone.......bittersweet taste but still can cause a stain ,.....I feel like a little dumbo before ur expressions.....so beautiful....

Jessica said...

Such a great post.