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Monday, September 22, 2008

Long time, since I have been here. Though I want to write a happy post, am afraid I may not. Unfortunately, its always " pain" that brings me here. Am not depressed , but today I can sense some things dying in me.Its no fault of anybody's. Its just that I overdo things. Am late by seven plus one_seven, and may be am overworking myself to show and get all that I missed out and for all those that am going to miss in future. Since three and half years I have been trying to do only one thing in life with unswerving devotion and that too fizzled. No, I didn't get anything wrong. Its just that I never knew how to express and how to handle things. Overdoing anything dilutes the fun. And I got it right.Sad that I had to learn it the harder way, the way I have chosen for myself in everything and anything. Wish that I learn it atleast now.