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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here I am,
at a cross road again..

but it feels familiar,
As if i knew this before,
as if I have travelled ..
why is this so obvious?


what is it that brought you to me?
my mirror ,
my life..
where I can read my past and my present
but why do you blur my future?
Future is a myth, they say
To know it is a bliss? nay.

but..I need to know,
coz, here I am at a cross road again..
I have found a company in you,
my shadow you are,
with whom I want to tred..
but on this path,they say
even shadows can leave you on the way.
why do I hear them?
what are they?

or voices in my head?

I move with you neglecting them..
ten steps I go,
they bring me bak by eleven..
I look at you helpless
U smile at me and lead me ahead......

So here we go,
unravelling the mysteries,
and repeating the histories..
preparing ourselves for the unknown,
accepting the known..
You have become my strength,My only company,
with you life seems beautiful once more.
Faith or fear ceased to matter therefore..


Anonymous said...

Good one.two tales, one told and obscure in the present and another unfolding thru a learned pattern into a fuzzy yet predictable future and the confusion there in.

aparna said...

!!cross roads.....