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Friday, October 2, 2009

Water...rain..floods..Nature's fury..
This must have been the longest night for many people out there..
powercut..places cut off from the rest of the world..no food, no water..
people losing their lives, houses, their abode..
some people are saved and were sent to safe places..
But what happens after ?
The after math is going to be worse. It may take years for the people to recover, somepeople may not be able to survive it in the first place..
Why is this?
Natural calamity to even out things?
Why in extremes?
draught followed by floods..
why is there no balance?
Like the people..Some people are suffering out there stuck in the middle of oceans of water while some else are enjoying the natures beauty ...
Pain for some, pleasure for others..
Why don't these people realise it could have been them..
Why do we forget the uncertainities and vainness of this life?
Why am I here while I should have been there helping some..
Why is this so choatic?
Why does this feel so shameful?
Should I brush away the whole thing as some natural occurence...
Should I move on with the daily chores as if its not related to me?

Do I have a choice?
Do I ?


Hemanth Potluri said...

nice post mitra...but we never do have a choice buddy just move on the way it is.....


Jessica said...

Great post, it is so sad the way some are suffering.

aparna said...

yes,,,,you do have a choice....the whole thing abt being a human is havng a choice....each nd every moment u got a choice.its only abt taking it....

Suree said...

nice post mitra... spitted all the feeling with in u beautifully, with feel.

Tarak said...

Why not if you really wish so.........We just feel but never take next step to what we think.