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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


You strike at me yet again..
A master stroke i should say!!


You are all the faces i have come across
That little girl who stabbed my affection ,
That illiterate who went against on me for some selfish bucks,
That girl who left without explanations..
The girl who never cared after,
The girl who broke my heart,
The lady who judged without even hearing me out,
The girl who cudn't see beyond her diplomacies,
That little guy who never ever cared to turn back,
The one who never knew g of gratitude,
The one who cant spell affection without the gender,
And finally u , who never leave a chance to strike back with vengeance at every beck n call n beat me down with silence..

You are all i ever knew n have known
You behaved the same every time,
or to say, so did I may be.
People say i should change, to show you, your place n treat likewise..
I fail to learn that every time.
Neither can i ever understand..
Places,regions, religions, genders, complications, patriotism ..I can understand none of these.
I can not reason out people thinking all these while they themselves are a little spec in this universe.
India pakisthan match i laugh in myself at people who forget to enjoy the match as it is but take sides n feel that's patriotic.
They are missing the fact that they are just a part of this earth, their tiny abode.
Have they forgotten to live beyond boundaries!!! Or is it that everyone is settling down for the small place n life that they are missing the bigger picture!!

And did it become the only way to live here?
To see the world with a veil n feel that everyone has one and that what we see is not what is!!
I  Wonder what a world of "PK" would have been here on earth.
Without a language but with reading the others mind with a touch.
If that's so, i think the world will come to an end in minutes. everyone will stab the other..
What a hippocratic world are we living in!!
Such a Shame!!!!

And so you..
I can't recognize you from the veil.
And am not comfortable wearing one either..Atleast not all the time with everyone.
Isn't it suffocating?!!
Don't be the face of
My losing hope,
My dying faith in humanity,
My shaken compassion for fellow beings
Don't be the face that fades my colours, clips my wings and push me as a bundle of mass into the cocoon you have build of your tenacious, rancid complexities that reeks of unpleasantness.
I detest!
I resist!
I object!

Can't i expect you to be the face of
Undying hope,
blossoming love and compassion,
A Simple pleasant life?
It is not idealistic. It is simple. Don't complicate with your complexities..
Dear world,for once, prove the world wrong and let the life live!!!

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