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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Day

I dont know how this happens to me everytime.every day should start with a new hope,but my day starts with a fear.A fear about problems that spring up anew and afresh.My bad luck is so strong that if something bad doesnt happen a day,then its supposed to be a lucky day.

So started today too.Everything was normal till afternoon,except some haughty conversations,and patch ups.then from nowhere came the owner of this place asking me to vacate in a couple of months.He needs this place to start a new business.now how can i explain this .Till yesterday i thought some luck is swaying near by.but those hopes evoparated .Even those people whom i am expecting to take this,said that they are not interested.Another normal day passed with its package ofbadluck.

hope atleast tomorrow ia a LUCKY DAY.

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