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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yet Again...


After such an emotional outburst,a violent tirade of accusations,lacerating words vehemently spitted,he still lay there smiling sweet,brushing off everything,garbed inhis usual candescence.nothing can affect he ,who is armoured in composure.

He has proved it yet again.Its his victory yet again over her tyranny and her defeat over his tranquility..not that she doesnt know what is to come.neither is it her innocence that has lead her,but her stubborness to defeat him,though deep down she had a wish that win should he.After all who is it that she is deceiving.Its her in the end.she is a slave to her heart playing mind games.May be its for the momentary pleasure that comes through, when her deepest desires were proved right.But is it really worthwhile?..

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