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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Have u ever felt an emptiness gripping you,though u seem to posess everything you wished for?I feel it more often.may be am very greedy.but its said na,"what we want we never get,what we get never satisfies us,and that which satisfies us,is never permanent."huh...true isnt it? we always long for things that attracts us,we strive to get them,but in the end when we get them are we really happy?I dont know about others,but I never am.something else lures me.if not ,then there wil be a fear ,a fear of losing what i got.In that fear i cling to it so hard that i forget to enjoy it.and i wil be left with restlessness.its strange to know that i cant b happy when i really hav that which i longed for.Its a pity.this happens coz i want to posess .u may tell me that, when i have it, then its my posession.but my mind doesnt agree with it,even when my heart says so. it cant trust the present and is afraid of the future.its afraid that it may lose ,or someoneelse may grab that ,or that it may change.now who can change the law of life,that nothings constant,but change.so friends,gyaan here is,v(I) should try to live in the present.only then can we(I) be happy.

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