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Friday, June 13, 2008


HEYY!! Am so happy today.Still wondering whats making me so happy! Theres nothing special about today,except that i watched shaan on tv.he is a great singer.apart from that he seems to be a good human being.i dont know why i hav ,such an impression on him.he is always sweet and smiling .not only him,some people like shahid kapoor,vivek oberoi...are categerised under good beings in my dictionary.somewhere deep down they have a tenderness that shows on their face.when they smile ,they smile heartfully.i can see their smile in their eyes.there is some sort of sensitivity about them.but people say that looks can deceive.and that we cant judge people by their looks.true may be,but theres no loss in judging something as good. after all goodness spreads happiness around.

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