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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How Far Can We Get

Yesterday's night,i watched the finals of a reality dance show.I was following this since the beginning.It is a sequel. A celebrity dance show,the celebrities selected from different fraternities in telivision.It was awesome.It started of very small.But the tremendous improvement they showed with every episode is unbelievable.I couldnt believe their performance in the finals.it was almost perfect.

They danced blindfolded and in pairs.they sure must have put hell a lot of hard work in there.What attracted me the most was their creativity in presentation.they were ordinary people when they started ,but with every episode expanded their horizons ,and their creativity knew no bounds.They came out as extraordinary.watching people attain perfection is surely an inspiring and a happy sight.

About creativity,I always wondered about its boundaries.I always thought that anything will necessarily have some limits.music,dance,art...But,history proves it to be wrong.World is evolving progressively and is evolving really fast.Had there been any limits,it wouldnt have been possible.I heard someone say somewhere that the musical notes of indian music are just seven(limited),but ,just, how an innumerable and infinite number of combinations can be composed out of it,so is every thing in life.nothing has boundaries,the only thing is that ,we can perceive as long as our 'vision' permits us. so its about how far and how broad can we get. Now ,am in AP.If i think just that, am confined.but if i think a little differently,then i can say am in India. am in Asia,then am on this earth,on this planet,then in the solar system,then in the milky way,in the galaxy,in the vast space.....how far can we get?"IN THE SPACE BETWEEN THE SPACES" may be we can get much far ...

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