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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Fountainhead

A book I was amused about..
A book I wanted to read some 15years back,but could never get myself to it..
A book I always thought is very overrated..
A book I thought is impossible to finish...

I finished that book finally and in one stretch!! Every possible notion I had about the book is probably reversed.
And am very glad I could do it at last.

Aynrand..What could I think of her?!
I was never much into novels and works of fiction. But she changed my idea of fiction. She created a wonderful world for me and for every reader who happens to enter her world. A world where I have found a respite from the real world for a few days and wish to dwell there forever. Such a beautiful world it is!!
Once I finished reading and was back into reality, it was very hard.I, so want to go there all over again. May be she hypnotizes the reader into her magic-realism. Actually what she speaks there isn't any fiction in the real sense. Its just the world around us and what and how a man should be. Its as simple. But since man has complicated his world and has gone too far from reality, this indeed appears like a fictitious world. There indeed are some very ideal people and situations and certain other aspects, which aren't discussed in detail. And there are some abrupt endings too.Some things where it does appear like fiction, but by far if we take the gist of the novel she had in her mind, she 'created', or may be I should say, she 'rediscovered' a philosophy which man forgot about himself.

Its neither theism nor atheism..And I cant say it as agnostic too.Its the culmination of everything.
Its the man as an end in himself.
Its about the obvious and for the people who can't realize it,its the mystic, for the people who are living it, its neither..its just the truth of their life.

To say it in her words,
"Man is a heroic being,with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute."
I don't think I can sum it up in any better words than the creator herself!!

And about the book and characters..
Well I can write another book myself. But that will wait, till I go through the journey again and may be another time too till I get enough of them to my hearts content...
For now am in love with them. :)

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