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Friday, November 11, 2011

Rock star

Had been to this movie yesterday.Was very skeptical while going.
18reels,2 and half hours and a single person in all frames..But,Ranbir really rocked as the rockstar. I never got to see ranbir in any frame. Its only Jordan..And thats the best thing I can say about him.Wonder how he carried himself and dint let the energy levels stoop anywhere till the end either to him or to the people watching him.Rehmans music and mohit chauhan's voice,kudos to him,took it to the zenith.But its imtiaz ali who made me connect to such a weird character despite his complicated screenplay.Am still marvelling at his skills to make me connect to a rockstar!! The background score scintillates and tingles our senses.Nargis is fresh and sweet and her smile adds a positive vibe. The movie casts its impression for anyone who watches it. It did to me and the after taste is a sweet pain which is here to stay.

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