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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You were just a seed of thought,
An outlet and a respite when brought.
To be safe,secure under the hood,
Never to be bereft of, U should.

Planted with love,
Under the shade of a nursery which stood above.
From it came the strength,
that it can help me see you grow at length.

Such a pleasure it was,
to see you sprout to a sapling.
And when you were dressed in those first leaves,
A hope also sprang to be seen,
that forever you can stay green.

Many storms came along,
But you never did let me down.
Always made me proud whenever I walked past you.
Though little and fragile you tried to stand like a mighty oak,
Always smiling at me, giving me that comfort .

An year passed.
You were growing tall and strong,
through gale and gust.
But this time it was the tempest.
It came on you too heavy.
Shaking you from the roots ,
suspending you in the air,
exposed you to the nature wicked and wild.

You look at me for help.
With everything turned to a mirage,
I stand here helpless!
Neither can I see you wither,
nor can I tolerate you suffer.
I can only ask for your excuse.
for not providing you enough shelter to fight the storm,
for not keeping up my promise to you,
for letting you down when you always stood by me.

Will you excuse me ever, Dear?
I wonder!!

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