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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Finished reading..
'And The Mountains Echoed '....
They indeed did echo coz i can feel the vibrations of the flavor of Mr. Khalid Hosseini's writing.The book carried the same aroma as of his other two books but the taste, distinct and perspicuous. It was less of war and strife now but as pragmatic and realistic as before. His bewitching style, minimalistic and simple way of narration make the characters come alive and real. Sometimes, as he himself says about a character in the novel, I wonder if he is a gifted writer or gifted trickster ? A magician with a pen for a wand, able to move an audience by conjuring emotions he had never experienced, cz its impossible for one person to have experienced such myriad emotions..And even if so to pen them down so beautifully..Its very unthinkable for me at least.
Having said all that the book does have its flaws unlike his other two books.Or may be I shouldn't dare say them as flaws but many untied strings or unattended side tracks. But again to think from his point of view, Its a piece of fable that perfectly fits in the time slot he allocated for the tale.For,to venture into attending those side tracks would make for another story altogether.
This particular book from him, I think he experimented a little with his experience from the other two novels.He starts from certain point,goes to the start, from there to somewhere in the middle, then a lil side ways...He played with the narration straight, diagonal, oblique,transverse, devious , undulating..But every point he touches, its endowed with details so intricate that each outshine the other in the beauty of their own..It feels like a piece of art work weaved with different colors of threads,each rich, eloquent and vivacious on their own but yet make a scintillating magnum opus as a whole.Each character has their own story to tell, each unique, heroic, alluring and exquisite.The threads left un splintered made me longing for more from the master story teller. :)

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